Language Placement & Proficiency Exams


In-person proficiency exams are cancelled for the remainder of the spring semester, and all proficiency exams will be proctored online.
Placement exams for course enrollment are fully operational.

Language Placement Exams

The online Language Placement Exam is only necessary if you intend to study the following languages:

Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Russian or Spanish.

Where do I take the test?

Incoming Freshman or Incoming Transfer

Please return to NextSteps and follow the steps there.


Transfer Students or Readmitted Student who did not take the placement exam

You can take the test here and you will be charged the $40 exam fee.

Take the Transfer Exam

Student (incoming, current, or readmitted) who never took the test, or needs to take the test again

If you never took the test, or your initial placement doesn't match your skill level, request a re-take.

Request to (Re)-Take Exam

Second Language Proficiency Exams

The Second Language Proficiency is available for the following languages:

French, German, Latin, Russian and Spanish
For proficiency in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese please see the contact info here.

Only the Proctored Language Proficiency Exam may be used to satisfy the proficiency requirement in a student’s degree program provided the result meets or exceeds the required level of proficiency. This exam does not carry any course credit.

Proficiency in other languages is managed by the department that teaches the language or Linguistics (for all others). Follow the Learn More link at the bottom if you need detailed information.

Where do I take the test?

Make an appointment for a proctored proficiency exam, TEMPORARILY ONLINE for UA Main Campus.

Main Campus

UA South also provides exam protoring TEMPORARILY ONLINE for UA Sierra Vista, UA Douglas, and UA Santa Cruz

UA South

Online or remote students can take the proctored exam using Examity/D2L



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